Do you want your hospitality business to give you free time and a real salary?

Your profit isn’t as high as your desire, your cash flow is poor which makes it difficult to keep up with bills and supplier invoices, and you haven’t got enough free time as you are either on the floor or in the office?

It’s time to Break Free!

  • Gain clarity over your numbers, and what they are actually telling you

  • Increase profit, in real terms

  • Gain structure in your business, which is the foundation to even greater success

  • Learn how to improve cash flow so you can pay your bills - and yourself - on time

  • Free up your time, reduce stress, and even start enjoying your work again

About The Author

I spent over 15 years working in the hospitality industry learning everything there was to know in the business from cellar to ceiling, starting as 15 year old glass collector to being one half of a business partnership with a successful, thriving bar and restaurant. Because of this background I feel I am well-placed to help other entrepreneurs in the sector to reach their full potential.

It was far from a perfect journey and lots of mistakes were made along the way, but more importantly, we learned from those mistakes and now I’d like to share with you our best practices that I actually didn’t realise were so important until I retrained as an accountant.


We're on a mission to ensure that entrepreneurial hospitality business owners can feel free from shackles of their business knowing that they will be able to pay themselves a real salary every month.

We want to ensure that they understand where their profit comes from and how to improve efficiencies. This in turn leads to them freeing up their precious time and improving their work/life balance.

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